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Hiprecise provides optimized service for new energy harness processing 2016-03-01

   China in just two years beyond the United States, jumped to the world's largest new energy vehicle market, according to national planning, by 2020, the new energy vehicle ownership will reach 500 million. New energy vehicles in the hot market for important parts of the automotive wiring harness industry has brought new opportunities, but also faces technical challenges.

New energy automotive wiring harness and traditional requirements of the wiring harness can be described as "very different", First, new energy automotive wiring harness work in high current, high voltage environment, which can easily lead to harness fever, the wiring harness needs to be designed to coarser, Cooling. Second, because the new energy vehicles are generally installed in front of the motor vehicle position, and the battery is generally installed in the rear position, the safety requirements for automotive wiring harness can not be placed in the car with the same traditional car, but requires wiring in the car, and thus Its mechanical protection is very important, such as moisture, moisture and so on. Third, because the new energy vehicles, such as the use of alternating current motor, the interference is very serious, and thus require shielding harness interference, better sealing.

The new requirements for new energy automotive wiring harness, is bound to lead wire harness processing industry, technological revolution. Xiamen Hiprecise Technology Co., Ltd., as the leader in wire harness industry in China, has developed large-tonnage terminal crimping machine (covering 20T, 8T, 4T), large cable stripping machine for new energy harness, and Automatic Wire Crimping Machine with Different Wire Diameters.


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