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Industrial automated manufacturer Hiprecise apply for National Equities Exchange and Quotations listing 2016-02-03

The 3rd, Feb news, Xiamen Hiprecise Technology Co., Ltd has sucessfully applied  the National Equities Exchange and Quotations listing. National stock transfer system to disclose the listing information shows: Hiprecise was founded in Aug, 2007, and complete the share reform in Sep, 2015. The chairman Mr. Putian Li's share rate is 56.53%, who becomes the ture controller.


Bulletin display that Hiprecise's main business range is electric power cabinet, automobile, home appliance harness, industrial automated & instrument as well as solar cable industries. provides  harness processing solutions and the corresponding technical consulting and after-sales service.

Hiprecise's products and service are fully automated crimping machine, sealing, stripping and crimping all in one machine, stripping machine, NC terminal crimping machine, tterminal crimping applicators and other peripheral equipments; wire harness processing industry FMS, MES, and other software to fulfill the whole solutions with hard and soft ware.


Hiprecise listing of application for the listing of the host broker for the Industrial Securities, the legal adviser for the Fujian Yingkun law firm, the financial audit for the  Xigema Cpas(Special General Partnership) 


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