Hiprecise, since 1989, begins from the production of first mechanical auotamated stripping machine in China, never stop exploring in the multipul industry harness processing solutions. Equipment modular, to reduce your investment cost but improve you。
  • Harness Flexible Manufacturing System-MES Harness Flexible Manufacturing System-MES

    Through the MES system, unified management by the LAN server, according to the wiring harness production orders, the allocation of production operations instructions (excel format, etc.). So that order production process data, with production records, quality management, production traceability, transmission of the processing parameters of information, to achieve the production of wire harness paperless management.

  • Fully Automated Crimping Machine Fully Automated Crimping Machine

    Fully automated crimping machine can realized the multi set machines unified management by Hiprecise's Hipre-FMS; Hipre-View8 provides friendly user interface to meet cutting, stripping, crimping, tube inserting, marking, seal inserting, tinning and twisting processing applications. Adopted to electric fully set cabinet industry, automobile harness industry, new energy harness industry and home appliance harness intdustry.     

  • Digital wire C/S machine Digital wire C/S machine

    Digital wire cutting  & striping machine, meets different cable size processing applications. According to the producing requirements, machines can highly produce such as fully stripping, half stripping, middle stripping, spliting stripping and twisting.

  • Terminal machine Terminal machine

          Terminal machine, frequency conversion control series and even strip stripping series can provide a full set of crimping solutions. Quiet, environmental protection, energy saving, in ensuring the accuracy of crimping colleagues, to meet your needs.

  • Terminal Crimping Applicators Terminal Crimping Applicators

    A wide range of crimping dies for metal or plastic materials, open or closed terminal type. 

  • Harness processing peripheral device Harness processing peripheral device

    Modular equipment, can be reserved for processing stations, by increasing the cable delivery, cable colleting, cable marking and inkjet printing and other auxiliary processing equipment to help you meet all kinds of processing solutions.

  • Industry Solutions Industry Solutions

     Hiprecise, provides "Industrial control automated", "Automobile harness MES" "New energy Harness" "Home appliance harness" complete harness processing solutions. And also provides special individual solution according to customer's special processing requirements.

  • All Products All Products


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